Danya Roselle Handcrafted Jewelry - Columbia, Missouri


Since 1994 Danya Roselle has been creating one of a kind designs which reflect the beauty of the world around us. Following her graduation from Lincoln University her ongoing investigations into her craft have helped her work to continually evolve. With original designs which are evocative of natural elements, the handcrafted items are made from silver and other metals which are often used in combination with a variety of well-selected stones, clays, beads, and foreign coins. Her unique, meticulously crafted jewelry pieces exhibit a personal touch. The artist believes that each individual creation potentially offers, "a piece of her soul", and strives to reveal this quality in her jewelry.

Danya actively shows and exhibits all over the midwest. In the Central-Missouri area she teaches numerous classes in jewelry-making. Since 2004 she has been a juried member of the Best of Missouri Hands.